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Multidisciplinary Valuation and Corporate Advisory Firm Transparently Serving the Full Range of Attorneys, Asset Managers, CFOs, and CPAs TM

NAV Valuation & Advisory LLC - Alternative Investment Valuation & Financial Advisory Firm

Alternative Investment Valuation and Financial Advisory Firm Transparently Serving the Full Range of Asset Managers, Attorneys, CFOs, and CPAsTM

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We advise clients across the full range of the technology industry. Please also see our tech and media interviews covering tech M&A and recent regulatory challenges. 

In 2014, NAV professionals led the due-diligence and valuation of two of the most successful tech IPOs on record. We have served the following types of firms:


Application Development Business Services - Online
Distributed Ledger Software Firms Database Firms
Interactive Advertisers           IT Consulting Firms
Hardware Manufacturers        Software Firms (SaaS and PaaS)


Please contact us to learn more about our experience and services record. A complete list of representatives clients is available upon request.